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He was older than she expected him to be but she cast aside the thought and crossed to the other side of the road to meet him.

"Good morning john," she said, tapping him on his shoulder.
"I didn't expect you to be this tall. I thought you'd be just a few inches taller than me, but I guess I'm wrong."

"Well, things are not always what they appear to be. Like your side view mirrors tells you," James replied, surprised and confused...

Rebecca smiled without saying a word and led him to a free space in the park, where they sat down.

What will you be having? James asked.

"Get me anything that aligns with your mind,"


When James walked into the cafeteria, he went near the window and observed her again. She wasn't what he was expecting. She had large lips and voluptuous breasts, he preferred small and moderate. She was chocolate in colour, he was expecting light.

He was lost on what to do but he shrugged off the thought and got her a bottle of pepsi because of her colour and a large bowl of popcorn because of her upper side.

He forced himself to smile when he approached her.

"I hope this will do," he said, placing the things he got beside her.

"They will. I think we're compatible. You bought me exactly what I had in mind." She replied, digging her hands into the popcorn.

After picking on their eatables for a while, James broke the silence, scratching his head,
"Since this is a day we should get to know ourselves better, I'd prefer if we are honest with our assessment. We do not want to proceed from here if this potential relationship will come crashing soon."

"I agree with you John, and to face the facts, you're not what I was expecting. The friend that matchmade us gave me a different description of you but if you like, I think we can still work this out." She replied.

"The name is James, and yes, your story best describes my situation too although I believe we should not be wasting time." James replied slowly, trying not to reduce the lady's self worth.

Rebecca, relieved, stood up and stretched out her hand for an handshake,

"It's nice meeting you, mary." James said, grabbing the hands.

"The name's Rebecca," she muttered, hastening her footsteps without waiting for a reply. She was hurt and didn't want him to know.

She crossed to the other side of the road and hailed a taxi. She was about entering the car when someone tapped her from behind,

"Are you Rebecca?"

"Yes. Who are you?" She replied after beholding the person.

"I'm John. We were supposed to meet today."

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Work needs some editing - capitalisations, punctuations, tense usage.