The monster in my dreams  


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The door was locked I realized but I didn't care as I punched my fist at the door as hard as I could, using my legs as well, kicking the brown wooden door, with a cracking sound the door opened, I ran inside quickly and tried to lock it but the lock was broken.
"Is anyone home?" I asked as I could see two chairs in the large empty space, it seemed the house was empty judging from the lack of furniture even though there were curtains at the window, I reached out to my pockets for my phone but turned back as I heard rustling footsteps.
He was coming for me I said to myself as I heard the loud thuds his footsteps made from the woods, his presence was always loud, even from a distance he made me know he was around, I stood still at the spot as my heartbeat increased, it was like I was frozen.
"Tayl...or," he called out in a girl's voice, bringing me to my senses that I was standing at the middle of the empty house, regaining my consciousness back I noticed the staircase and made for it as the monster called out my name again, his voice echoed in my ears as I made for the first room to hide myself inside but the door lock was faulty. I made for the second room and it's lock was good, I also found some empty bottles around, it looked like someone had stayed in the room, I locked the door quickly as I heard a loud creaking sound, I took hold of a bottle as my body trembled, I moved towards the window.
Tears rolled down my eyes as I heard the monster voice echo in the house, "Taylor...where are you?" he said asked slowly mimicking my voice, I held the bottle more tightly then realized my phone was with me, I kept the bottle down and dialed my parents number, "nooooooo," I couldn't bring my parents here, they could be killed by the monster.
I decided to call the police, they would know what to do, I said to myself as I dialed 911, I could feel my heart coming out of my body as the loud footsteps echoed Al around the room.
"Please," I whispered holding the phone to my ear as I felt the breeze from the window, "please, I'm being a monster," hot tears rolled down my face.
"please come quickly..."
"Sorry what's your name?"
"Taylor Tyler, please..." the footsteps were getting very loud like he was in front of the door.
"Where are you?" the policeman asked
"I..." I stammered as I tried to think of where I was, "I don't know," I said as I tried to remember how I got here, but I had no idea.
The monster hit the door suddenly, I screamed out dropping my phone and climbed the window as I jumped down.
"Nooooooooo!!" he screamed out.

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