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21/09/2020 3:29 pm  

I wondered why it took me this long
To use the right words
To describe her
Even though there are hundreds of them stroking my heart
I have seen a lot of beautiful birds like Turaco, Flamingos, Blue jay, Scarlet macaw
But there's something unique about a Peacock,
The way it displays its colorful iridescent tail feathers amazes me
Just as your beauty turns heads
Your smile is just like a party, it rocks
Your voice touches my soul
And it quenches my thirst just like a bottle of chill coke
The sight of your starry eyes
Is an ice always chilling on my mind
I have read about beautiful flowers like Jade vine, Youtan poluo, Chocolate cosmos,
But middlemist red is the rarest of them all
To find someone like you is like looking for a neddle in the dune
Whenever I think of you
I'm fill to the brim with compassion
Your gait mesmerizes me
And I can't wait for you to be my wifey
I know you have heard war heroines like queen Amina
But I'm talking about a woman who pierces the rays of sunlight with her radiant skin
And she shreds every hatred with her beauty
She's my Sunshine and my African queen
I am talking about no other person than the ruler of my tender heart.
She's Queen LUBNA


© Segun Eyitayo

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27/09/2020 3:35 pm  

Nice poem. Needs spell checks. Pay attention to tense usage as well.