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11/08/2020 2:05 am  


Tell me this tale of a twin year
When we had our streets bare
When we masked walking through our enemy's lair
When we kept at bay each other's air
When we watched mortality fare against our quarantine models
When we let go of our studies
Relinquished our schools
to the Viral students of the Corona University of Respirology

Tell me where it all began
In the mind of man?
Was it an inspiration?
And after it was created,
did he look at it 'and see that it was good'?
Tell me this clear description of a point mutation
by deletion of the love gene
that birthed a killer DNA
coated in protein spikes wearing a crown

Tell me of this plague that invaded our cells
took down bodies in turns
When we raced back to our homes
When we shut our doors
But through the windows to our bodies
they sneaked in
Having the code to access our cells
they sent signals to our vulnerable warriors
who fought blindly to defend our systems

Tell me of this tale that had no fairies to behold
but numerous bodies in our morgues
Stories like particles in the air
Leaders pacing around their chairs
Tell me what this tale is again
I don't think you know it all.


-Jacinta Kathryn Okemini

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