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Right from the begging, the human race has been divided. Rich from the poor, poor from the rich, strong from the weak, weak from the strong, the prey from the predators, predators from the prey. Everyone in authority using their power to molest those under them by taking over the world and making it a place of no abode for everyone. They made us poor to enrich themselves and made us prey for them to dominate. Many now lives in slum called homes and in city called mansion.

But at this time, we must work hard to defend ourselves, we must train hard to perfect each other believing in those who can will promise us our security and deliver it to us. We must open the root of our heart and build the treasure of love.

We must be invisible, undefeatable, unbeatable, undisputable and generation of champions. We are one, we are champions, we are warriors, we must not rest until justice is served.

It is time to change the world and make it a better place. Being our brother's keeper, helping ourselves to get better, and building a world of freedom where people will be able to ply their trade legitimately. We must build an empire where the children of the masses wont find it difficult to make a living. We must build our own world of security on all sides, a world where we will no longer live from hand to mouth, a world where our tears is the course of fears to our predators.

We need to cut off the voice of the adversary, shut up the people who don't motivate us, silence those who don't inspire us and distance ourselves from those who don't support us. We need to believe that dreams don't just come through, they are born.

A world where our faith is making a passage for the future. A world that fight and not lie,a world that flies and not cry, a world that strives and not shy, A world of ordinary people.

If you want to go fast, go alone but if you want to go far, let us go together. There is strength in our unity.


Ajayi Tolulope Adeyinka
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ANSA Nigeria