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It was a very hot Saturday afternoon. Yetunde had gone shopping at D'Prince Supermarket. She bought a lot of things needed by the family. Eventhough Damilola("her husband's distant relation") now lived with them. She saw shopping for her family, a personal responsibility. Damilola was only 17 years old, and has come to spend some time.

"Damilola!Damilola!" Yetunde called from the gate.
There was no response. The entire compound was characterized by silence.
"Damilola! Damilola!" She called again.
No response still.
And then, she quietly entered the house. She entered the house, nobody was in the sitting room, and the door was locked. She unlocked the door with her keys. She entered the kitchen, it was messy and dirty with lots of unwashed plates in the sink. Feeling anger swelling in her, she entered Damilola's room, there was no one there. Then, she climbed upstairs. She could hear Damilola screaming, "harder!harder!! Common, give it me!!!"
Yetunde couldn't believe her ears. She wondered who the spoilt brat of a girl was making out with at mid-day in her house. What guts?

Yetunde hastened her footsteps. It became clearer to her. The sound was coming from their matrimonial bedroom. Did the spoilt girl take her boyfriend to her bedroom? Jesu! Yetunde turned the door knob, it was locked. Then, she put her keys and opened the door, only to behold her dear Kayode thrusting his manhood into the young girl's hole. She was dazed.

"Kayode? Damilola?" She called, wanting to ensure this wasn't a dream.
Kayode stopped, and turned bank to look at his wife shamefully. He was sweating profusely.

"Come on, Baby, why did you stop?" Damilola said touching Kayode's hairy chest.
"Get your filthy hands off me!" Kayode roared.
"Ah! Aunty Yetunde, Good afternoon o." Damilola greeted nonchalantly.

Yetunde couldn't say a word. All she did was point a shaky finger at them.
Damilola sighs. "Aunty Yetunde, no be only you get him o. For your information, I was married to him last December at my village ni. We're only enjoying what married couples enjoy. By the way sef, you were not able to give him children for 11 years so... I came to do what you can't do. I'm 3 months pregnant for him already."

At once, Yetunde felt drowsy and fainted. If only she had her own biological children, none of these would ever have happened. If only wishes were horses...

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This work is good. Carries a real interesting story and nice style of writing. Keep it up.

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