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I consider him a good friend. We met two years ago at one of the few organizations I joined in school. We were supposed to be on a rally that beautiful morning when Joy returned my phone with a frown claiming that my numerous calls or as she put it "my pest" kept interrupting their access to my 'hotspot'.
"Hello beautiful" his voice echoed from the other end of the phone, I have began to develop this little butterflies whenever I hear him speak and I figured he was aware because his calls became more frequent than ever.
"Good day sir", I replied with all the composure I could muster, "meet me at KP foods" he ordered or so it sounded.
KP food? Is this uncleeee 'pulling my legs' or what? Is he not supposed to be in Enugu, how did Ibadan come into the picture or did he dail the wrong person? While I was yet to recover from the "thought rush", he chipped his usual "hope you are good" farewell speech.
I kept reminding myself of all the moral values I had professed as I walked into the mini executive restaurant, Ikenna was sitting with a bottle of wine on the table and a big smile on his face, he rose up for a hug that lasted forever in my head.
In the next few minutes, the table was busy with a lot of edibles, we drifted from one topic to another, I had unconsciously let down my guard when he popped the question.
It took me awhile to figure out what he meant and the level of seriousness in his question, because we usually joke about this topic.
Today was different, he had never been this serious, it felt like the room was beginning to be saturated with Nitrogen instead of oxygen, I was almost going to have a seizure. With my mouth still open, I started weighing my options, then firmly I gave my reply, it was a "no".
He was shocked to his marrows, he was so sure he would get a 'yes' because he exuded alot of confidence. "Think about it and don't make a rash decision" he finally got himself to say.
My temper was beginning to rise, what could have breeded such level of confidence in him, have I been giving him the wrong signals, this was the second time I have been caught up in situations like this, but this time, he was asking for more: marriage.



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