Beneath the smile (My love, my life)  


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25/05/2020 7:24 pm  


I have been married for 5years to my sweetheart monster; they call him my husband.
The last time I felt love was three days into our seven day honeymoon,
The rest days left me with wounds.

He pleasures my body with punches and blows bringing me to an uncontrollable orgasm from body romance,
I moan in pains.

There is a knock on the door:
It sounds like freedom,
My brother comes in ,
I have forgotten the shape of smiles,
Smiles that help me lie to all that all is well,
So my swollen eyes told him all,
He bounces on my sweetheart with every strength in him.

"Today this ends " I said to myself,
I rush to the kitchen to get my knife
By the time I came back my brother had taken my sweetheart's life
I stood in shock as I glanced at my love's lifeless body,
I killed my brother
I avenged my love's death.

© Emmanuel Chukwuebuka John

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