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19/05/2020 12:25 am  


At the darkest hour of the day,
Soul standing on top mountain Everest,
Seeing itself falling through the earth and beyond.
Voices from the universe went into a riot.
No! We love you.
Stay! We need you.
Don't listen to your inner voice,
The voice crying for an end,
It's the devil.
It will turn you to its slave,
While the world will blame it on you.

Where were they,
When my chest was burning,
When my mind was suffering
From pain, heartache, and
Whiplash from watching things
Out of control?
When my brain was throbbing
From crying myself to dehydration,
Hiccuping, coughing, and losing consciousness?

Don't blame it on me,
If you haven't seen the real me;
If you don't know how dark
The stains of my tears are;
If you can't see my bruises
Through the darkness;
If you haven't walked in my shoes.

Blame it on me,
The me who was oblivious
To everyone and everything.
The me who knew nothing about depression and self hatred.
The me who was confident and unbothered.

But if you can't reinvent me,
Nor restore a broken ceramics
To come anew of difference,
Then judge me not
Of what to do.
Don't tell me the only way
Is to be myself.
For that's weak and emotional.
Oh! I hate me.

©Musa Oyiza Rahama


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Only one entry per contestant is allowed. 'The Demon' would have been a better entry here. For reviews, post works under 'General Submissions', not here. This thread is strictly for literary contests.