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06/07/2020 2:06 pm  


My heart is filled of thoughts meant for thousands to process
Sometimes it is difficult to tell the difference between worrying and thinking in distress
I have attempted to these thoughts suppress
Even the evil gods think! Woe is he if he thinks less
So, I will let these thoughts onward press

"save the fish it is drowning!" this has left me with thoughts and questions;
Could this be the lot of the common man in a country where votes are sold for free?
Or maybe we just leave the drowning fish and save the cold fish. Thoughts!

I have thought about the splendor and inexplicable beauty of death.
How it can save one and leave many others in sorrow.
It is best some die
We would find out when we all die
Those who will be translated into light should not be afraid for there is an innate untold beauty in death.
But who talks of death? Thoughts!

Until a guy loves you more than black trousers he little but loves you
Some will argue that black trousers have been more faithful than some ladies
But who will blame them?
These black trousers on "tins and thicks"
Black trousers different shirts so artistic
Interviews, seminars ,everywhere it has been on them.
But woe is he whose heart is also black. Thoughts

As I grope for positive thoughts in the dark corner of my congested heart
There I laid hold on thoughts of slay queens
Yes! Sometimes kings think of queens
As I feasted on this thought the wise spirits crowned me with the crown of new findings
They said I am the first to realize that slay queens are engineers
Engineers who make their own foundation on their faces instead of the ground
The ground bears me witness that there are other queens
Queens that slay
Slayers in Zion. Thoughts!

I thought about the many innocent dead
Whose lives were and are still daily raped from existence
I imagine them transparent emotionless creatures dripping with blood begging for justice
Can Lady Justice hear them?
In this sphere her eyes are not folded
She sees and admires the beauty in money
She winks at the mighty as she cuts the innocent with a scale she has made
These demagogue are in bed with our Lady while the innocent rest in pieces in a land where we should have Peace and Unity
These thoughts keep flowing

© Emmanuel Chukwuebuka John 

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12/07/2020 10:47 am  

Good train of thought. Title should have been pluralised. The flow is somewhat disjointed. Work needs some editing.

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@penkup thank you sir.  Would work on it