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04/05/2020 11:21 pm  

Strongest Betrayal

Ye! Few words like a sharpened scapel,
Deftly said in a sec, but lived for years,
Fiercely, reverberated in my heart like a lion roar,
Few words, but ripped my heart in shattering crevices,
Said as if it was not practised like a movie theater.

It started like it will never end like the counting of numbers,
That never ends, until the reader stops.
You played and dribble me like a football.
I loved like we were on the the same wavelength,
But, Don't know have been walking on a parallel line.

You said I was your dream come true,
Like a slave, I obeyed your words
But, it ended like a nightmare.
You said we will always be together,
Like a child, I played along.

You tore my heart, but not me.
You broke the pride, but not the drive.
You slice the heart, but not my dream.
You left a scar, but made my star.
Your hurt made me a Valient.

But now, my sun shine without your light.
My leafs wave without your breeze.
My bird fly without your wings.
My food taste sweet without your salt.
My music sounds melodious without your beats.

'Cause, now am living a THUG LIFE,
The Hurt U Gave LIFE.
You made me the strongest lady in the world.
The heart you left is now strong than a rock.
Thanks to you, am so grateful.