Helpless pain  


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18/05/2020 11:14 pm  





Ominous black clouds covered the sky,
Showering a plague crowned thunder with fury,
Sadness clouded my features as terror overtook my face
My country is melting like shadows in the darkest hour
My world is deserted with a rancid tart meal.

Cry of a baby, mothers can’t feel.
Pain of a soldier battling a hidden creature,
Sad voice of the air cooked with ferocious plague,
Clouds off thunder, throbbing pain,
Bleeding hearts of a sliced onion.

Stiffness of the plague leafs breeze cant blow away.
Pain of an ignited needle scalding the flexible skin.
Now in an ironical dilemma,
The rich is afraid of the virus,
The poor is afraid of hunger.

Pitiable muscles stronger than the demons,
Pitiable hearts braver than darkness,
Bleeding hearts of a mannequin,
Of quivering, sickening and nauseating pains,
Pains pills cant Pave.


# Egbebi Mariam Yetunde