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They left Mum a pair of careless goodbye

Thrusting a pen on the hands they tie.


The pen, in peace found its own space to lie

Expandingits ear to its drum

Consuming the yipping and yaying

And the humming and yawning of voices

gently buzzing densely through the

breeze flying and dancing like Salsait inside the thick bush

The bush were the kids are not understood


Realizing that this children have their tongues broken

And were clothed in a debt that made them feel naked,

The pen , stood and was ready for a command like "go home" or " tell " but it never came.

Where are these children

Who took a pen and left their mum

anxious and pacing from kitchen to the livingroom like a Piano Man lost in a wedding plan ?

They left without writing back.


©Hadizat Isah Sule