Akinwole John Akintayo
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31/03/2020 12:41 am  

There are lines we've all stepped across,
mountains we've made out of molehills
and things we've broken in moments of rage
that's not a respecter of age,


Just like Aremu and Aminu's argument,
that started with words but ended with blunts
because one felt superior to the other
and with their blood, they wet the earth.


Man is rational but complex,
and can lose that rationality
If he can't control his fists 
that gets tightened due to emotions,


Emotions like the one that made
Ngozi pull on Shade's hair 
like her life depended on it 
because she insulted her mother.


We all have motives that inspire our actions,
Beliefs that guide our lives,
moulding us into desirable entities 
that should tolerate every living bod,


But, the other day, 
Matthew called Ismail an infidel
and Ismail who would not have that,
swore and called him an infidel too.


Yesterday, Papa told us to be patriots;
the ones who vote, pay tax and dues
The ones who tolerate others opinions
and feel equally yoked with every soul,


Not like Boda who calls himself a patriot
and went out on election day with a machete
so people could vote for his choice but 
got killed by other patriots who disagreed with him.


His lifeless body was laid to rest
amidst eulogies of how good a man he was...

©Akinwole John Akintayo

Dr. Kennedy O. Obohwemu
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05/04/2020 2:51 pm  

A creative piece. However, your attempt to use rhythm in S1L4 blurred the lines, making one wonder you opted to go down 5that road...