Wordless Voice: A tribute to Uwavera Omozuwa  


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01/06/2020 11:26 pm  


Sorrows, tears and agony unleashed,
Darkness, tartness and tears from heart,
When all we hoped is a light to shine,
Slaughtered like a sheep reared for the devourer.

Shreds of her skirts layinglow on the floor,
Pieces of her heart broken into tears
For the hands of the Benin devils with penis had yanked it off her chest.

In a sacred abode was she defiled,
In the cares of foes when all strength failed,
A lonely ruin for a star meant to shine,
Reduced to nothing for the dust to conceive.

Voices, so loud in her head that no one heard,
A noise it made and oh! she ached with pains from every part of her being,
Painful and undeserving, the death of a life-deserving woman pushed to the ground, forced to grind.

Uwa's forts and places are left in ruins,
Left alone to be completely devoured,
Bringing about nothing but unending sorrow,
Left helpless in the depth of pain.

Wordless but not voiceless,
Helpless but not Hopeless, her pains and her death became the stamp that append your doom,
Her struggle for breath, her pleas to be freed became the ink that wrote your sentence.

Searching for the words to express our pains,
Reduced to nothing but the least of them.
It's with heavy heart we say adieu,
Rest on beloved for your justice is assured.

Written by Olamide Taiwo and Israel Oyebanji.