1. Abel Adive for his poem, ‘Abandoned slaves’

2. Jennifer Okorie for her poem, ‘Delimma’

3. Akinwole John Akintayo for his poem, ‘What would their thoughts be?’

4. Precious Ndidi for her poem, ‘Sunshine’

5. Ikpeme Kanong for his poem, ‘El dorado’

6. Owolabi Joel for his poem, ‘Eternity’

7. AJ Maverick for his, ‘I have a dream’

8. Nathaniel Eleojo for his poem, ‘Evening rose’

9. Adekunle Adewunmi for his poem, ‘The unemployed’

10. Babatunde Phemmy for his poem, ‘Not my class’

11. Apata Victor for his poem, ‘Cast thy net’

12. Ifeoma Ike for her poem, ‘Glory days’

13. Israel Onoruoiza for his poem, ‘Hello death’

14. Isah Ibrahim for his poem, ‘A trek to Abuja’

15. Victoria Ukpaka for her poem, ‘What is life if it’s death?’

16. Sammy Okon for his poem, ‘Let’s just leave’

17. Francisca Mmesoma for her poem, ‘If men were god’

18. Ogbonna Abigail for her poem, ‘Fading beauty’

19. Huda Tariq for her poem, ‘Wild flower’

20. Sahaj Sabharwal for his poem, ‘Passion is predominant’

21. Shodayo Erioluwadamiloju for her poem, ‘Me’

ANSA Poetry Collabo of the Week Award

The nominees are:

1. Abel Adive and Emmanuella Zicham for their poem, ‘Love apart’

2. Ikpeme Kanong and Huda Tariq for their poem, ‘Skyline’

ANSA Short Story of the Week Award

The nominee is:
Aminu Abdulmumeen for his entry, ‘Scars’
ANSA Quote of the Week Award
The nominees are:

1. Huda Tariq

2. Segun Eyitayo

ANSA Non-Fiction Writer of the Week Award

The nominee is:

Maymunah Kadiri for her entry, ‘Misconception of Bipolar disorder’

Who gets our ANSA Medal of Honour??


The shortlist will be announced soonest.

Congrats to all nominees!


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