Compiled by Yusuf BM, Ganiyu Taofeek and Ikechi Fortune Kelechi; Edited by Erioluwadamiloju Shodayo


The Association of Nigerian Student Authors (ANSA) ended 2018 in style with the maiden edition of her End of Year Ceremony & Awards Night.

The online event was held on Sunday, December 30th, 2018. It was anchored by two of the organization’s finest comperes, Victoria Ukpaka and Isreal Onoruoiza.

The National Secretary of ANSA, Christianah Emmanuel gave a brief history of the organization, adding a word on its goals, vision and mission statement.
She reserved kind words for Dr. Kennedy Obohwemu, a multiple international award winning Nigerian author), who established the platform in 2007.

“ANSA is a well known literary platform, dedicated to instilling the culture of reading and writing among children, teenagers and younger adults. We have recorded giant strides since inception, and we have Dr. Kennedy to thank for all these,” she stated.

A number of literary fun games were introduced, where members were required to produce some form of literature using specific themes.

Opportunity was given to members to express how much ANSA had influenced their writings and lives in general. Members were very emphatic in this regard.

“My only regret this year is that I didn’t hear of ANSA earlier,” revealed Anene Ebubechukwu Anthony, a student of Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka. “I have been able to write numerous literary works and meet great writers. I am eternally grateful.”

For Ogbu Vincent Chiedozie, ANSA has blessed him beyond what he can imagine. “I’ve only been a member for a few weeks, but I’ve met a full lot of eager, lively, resourceful and better writers. So much talent with a right sense of what to write imbued with astounding creativity and flavoured literary works,” he said.

Ikechi Fortune Kelechi, a student of the University of Port Harcourt, Rivers State who serves as the National South-South Zonal Coordinator of the organization, noted the integral role ANSA has played in ensuring unity among a diverse group of young people. “ANSA has been a perfect opportunity for me to run wild with ideas without holding myself back. It is like a family, home to young aspiring authors. I’ve learnt more about the art of writing through my membership of ANSA than I have on my own. I’ve met a lot of people too,” he admitted.

Yusuf Muyibat Avosuahi of Kogi State Polytechnic, Lokoja was thrilled by the daily writing challenges the organisation issues members. “ANSA has done a lot for me. Since I became a member, I have been able to learn many ways of improving my writing through the daily literary activities held by the organisation.”

These sentiments were echoed by Omolola Oshafunmi. “ANSA has made me a better writer, no doubt about it. It has challenged me to write more often, make mistakes, learn from them and move on. I’ve met lots of beautiful writers in ANSA and that has made me want to do better with my own writings,” she said.

Fadairo Oluwafunmilola Dorcas of Adekunle Ajasin University, Ondo State had this to say: “ANSA has challenged me to be better in all areas, to keep pushing on… I’ve learned that even if I make mistakes, I must stand up and keep going.”

Idris Yewande Omobolanle was thoroughly impressed by the incentives given to winners of various literary contests, among other juicy publicity packages and post-competition rewards. “ANSA helped me in so many ways… I met my sweet sis here and other wawwatic poets. I was able to write poems under nanoseconds without having to procrastinate. I’ve improved my content and poetic conversation.. I was able to flow when collaborating with other writers. My God, ANSA didn’t make me forget I’m a writer. Comments here have been encouraging. And the literary prizes have been breathtaking. I love ANSA!”

The Founder, National President and Life Patron of ANSA took over the stage to present awards to the finest writers for the year under review. Before the presentation, he took a moment to appreciate everyone for the various roles they played in ensuring ANSA got to this high point. He drew inspiration from his favourite quote, originated by himself: “Nothing good would ever have been done in this world without someone first conceiving the idea and a group of good people propelling it into action.”

Dr. Kennedy went on to reveal that the organization’s multi-purpose website, which was officially launched few weeks ago, would henceforth be used for all literary activities, including forum discussions, blog posts, book sales and literary competitions.
He intimated everyone present that the organization has concluded plans to introduce financial rewards for winners of ANSA’s weekly literary contests effective from January 2019.

The following literary contests are held by the organization on weekly basis:

1. Poet of the Week Contest
2. Poetry Collabo of the Week Contest
3. Flash Fiction Writer of the Week Contest
4. Flash Fiction Collabo of the Week Contest
5. Short Story Writer of the Week Contest
6. Short Story Collabo of the Week Contest
7. Children’s Literature Writer of the Week Contest
8. Children’s Literature Collabo of the Week Contest
9. Playwright of the Week Contest
10. Drama Collabo of the Week Contest
11. Non-Fiction Writer of the Week Contest
12. Non-Fiction Collabo of the Week Contest.

Dr. Kennedy announced the introduction of three more contest categories that would boost the healthy competitive spirit among members:

1. Quote of the Week Contest
2. Literary Critic of the Week Contest
3. Reporter of the Week Contest.

In addition to the above contests, members with the highest number of monthly award nominations and award wins would be given extra prize money. Similar gesture would be accorded to the member with the highest number of social media engagements.

Effectively, ANSA would be giving out a total sum of three hundred and ninety six thousand naira (N396,000) in literary prize money annually!

Dr. Kennedy hinted that more award categories would be introduced in 2019, including but not restricted to the following:

1. Most dedicated National Executive
2. Most dedicated State Executive
3. Most active member
4. Most vibrant Chapter
5. Writer of the Year Award (in various categories including poetry, prose, etc) with monetary compensation.

Dr. Kennedy expressed profound gratitude to the Patrons and National Advisers of the organization, especially Mrs. Awele Ilusanmi and Salamatu Sule for agreeing to sponsor some award categories and introduce winners to literary agents and publishers. Gratitude was extended to Board members who also volunteered to sponsor some award categories.

As part of the novel ideas introduced for implementation in 2019, Dr. Kennedy revealed that opportunities were available for members to celebrate their birthdays, anniversaries and special events with a literary contest in their honour. This voluntary activity would enable members decide for themselves the prize (airtime or cash equivalent) that they wish to offer winners for this unique literary contest.

Finally, the 2018 ANSA Awards for Creative Writing were presented to deserving winners in the various categories. The complete list of award winners is presented below:

ANSA Poet of the Month Award

1. Mariam Zuyeali (Feb)
2. Ben James (Mar)
3. Ben James (Apr)
4. Daniel Ayodele (May)
5. Victory Asonibare & AJ Maverick (Jun)
6. Maymunah Kadiri (Jul)
7. Emmanuel Anita Loveth (Aug)
8. AJ Maverick (Sept)
9. AJ Maverick (Oct)
10. Victoria Ukpaka (Nov)
11. AJ Maverick (Dec)

ANSA Poetry Collabo of the Month Award

1. Mariam Zuyeali & AJ Maverick (May)
2. Dooter Kajoh & Ben James (Jun)
3. Maryann Shaibu & Majestic Lawal (Jul)
4. Rhoda Adinoyi &  Ben James (Aug)
5. Yusuf Muyibat Avosuahi & Akinwole John Akintayo (Sept)
6. Abel Adive & Jho Ananeyi (Oct)
7. Idris Yewande Omobolanle & Triumph Ugoji (Nov)
8. Emeadi Bobbybryan Uzoma, Anene Ebubechukwu Anthony & Triumph Ugoji (Dec)

ANSA Flash Fiction Writer of the Month Award

1. Erioluwadamiloju Shodayo & Christianah Emmanuel (Mar)
2. Dooter Kajoh (Apr)
3. Daniel Ayodele (May)
4. Erioluwadamiloju Shodayo (Jun)
5. Maymunah Kadiri (Jul)
6. Akinwole John Akintayo (Aug)
7. Christianah Emmanuel (Sept)
8. Ben James (Oct)
9. Ben James (Nov)
10. Agu Godsdelight Chimbuchi (Dec)

ANSA Flash Fiction Collabo of the Month Award

1. Yusuf Muyibat Avosuahi & Akinwole John Akintayo (Nov)
2. Triumph Ugoji & Esther Odunze (Dec)

ANSA Short Story Writer of the Month Award

1. Christianah Iye Matthew (Jul)
2. Christianah Iye Matthew (Aug)
3. Timi Sanni (Sept)
4. Ben James (Oct)
5. Taiwo Olamide (Nov)
6. Maymunah Kadiri (Dec)

ANSA Short Story Collabo of the Month Award

1. Triumph Ugoji & Erioluwadamiloju Shodayo (Nov)
2. Triumph Ugoji & Esther Udenze (Dec)

ANSA Children’s Literature of the Month Award

Anene Ebubechukwu Anthony (Dec)

ANSA Children’s Literature Collabo of the Month Award

Anene Ebubechukwu Anthony & Triumph Ugoji (Dec)

ANSA Playwright of the Month Award

1. Taiwo Olamide (Jul)
2. Maymunat Kadiri (Aug)
3. Agu Godsdelight Chimbuchi (Nov)
4. Anene Ebubechukwu Anthony (Dec)

ANSA Non-Fiction Writer of the Month Award

1. Ben James (Jul)
2. Victoria Ukpaka (Aug)
3. Triumph Ugoji (Dec)

To bring the epoch-making event to a close, the National Vice President of the organization Christianah Iye Emmanuel appreciated all members for taking time out to be present. She wished everyone a more rewarding 2019 ahead!

The official website of the Association of Nigerian Student Authors (ANSA) is The motto is ‘For the love of writing’. You can reach the organisation via email:

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